#technofeministcare reading performance

Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin
13 November 2021
Livestream via Zoom
Andreea Carnu, Magdalena Goetze, Christina Grammatikopoulou, Andrea Kelemen, Janine Sack, Cornelia Sollfrank

Piazza Virtuale was a pioneer piece of artistic communication infrastructure with this interactive television project hosted by documenta IX in 1992. It allowed its users to contribute content live and as such can be considered a predecessor of today’s social media. So called “piazzettas” run by local groups in many different cities helped to fill the nightly broadcasts with their performative contributions.

The artist group “frauen-und-technik” (women-and-technology) ran the Piazzetta Hamburg and contributed their “Penisneidspiele” (envy-of-penis-games).

Two members of this early feminist media art collective are meanwhile part of the technofeminist research group #purplenoise and initiated a performance during the official streaming time of the exhibition.

The #purplenoise did a collective reading of the manifesto #technofeministcare, which has been part of their Mayday intervention in 2020.

The reading streamed live on Zoom, a platform that has largely substituted human presence since the pandemic started. Each of the participants read at her own pace, synchronizing with the rest of the group only during brief pauses of silence. The distinct #purplenoise colours and symbols are seen in their individual window backgrounds, while the main Zoom window displays the #technofeministcare manifesto.